Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers Agent

What’s the difference between a Buyers Agent from a Real Estate Agent?

The difference between the two can be summarized into three simple words, Price and Best Interest.

  • A Buyer’s Agent is someone who works for a property buyer and negotiates to lower the buying price of a property. They represent a buyer to look for and negotiate for a property.
  • A Real Estate Agent is someone who works for a property seller and negotiates to sell the property for a higher price.

What’s the benefit of using a Buyers Agent?

Not only does a Buyers Agent free you from stress and frustrations, they also save your time to look for properties and negotiate for the price.

Which Australian States does PIP Buyers Agent offer their services to?

We specialize in Tasmania and Queensland, but we have expert teams in all parts of Australia.

Do you cater to overseas clients?

Yes, we can source properties for overseas clients in Australia.

What if I want to look for the property myself?

No problem, we can do the inspection and negotiations for you. Our Inspections and Negotiations Service  will help you with the property appraisal and price negotiation.

Can anyone use your services?

Yes. We cater to all kinds of clients such as first-time home buyers and property investors.

How long will it take to get back to me with a list of properties?

Every week, we will provide you with a list of properties that are suitable to your criteria.

Do I need to talk with the selling agent?

No. A buyers agent will represent you during all the phases of the purchase. After you have inspected the property and made the decision to proceed, we will handle everything that follows.

Do Buyers Agent represent a property seller?

No. Property buyers are different from a property seller, and represent the buyer only. They only have the best interest of the buyer and negotiate to lower the buying price of properties.

Should I buy a new or existing property for investment?

It depends on your goals, although both have their advantages and disadvantages. Owning an investment property is the same as running a business, it needs to be scrutinised with the bottom line in mind.

Can you find off-market properties?

Yes, but sometimes these properties are not necessarily cheaper as the owner hasn’t taken the property to market yet and can be unrealistic with pricing.

Project Management

Do you build the property?

No, we can source the property development such as subdivision, strata, etc. and check on the builder building it

How will you source the property?

Various means through our programs and networks.

Do you do Renovation Project Management?

Yes, we can do any type of Property Project Management, our team are experts in renovations, new homes, subdivisions, strata and other developments and can include residential and commercial.

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