CLARISSA has been in the building industry for over 17 years and her experience extends to Project Management, Property investing, rentals, Subdivisions, Renovating, Building, Selling and Education.

From living in a public housing area and experiencing life shattering trauma to owning multiple businesses. She disliked school, she hated her life, she experienced an endless cycle of disappointment and hopelessness. But after giving birth to her first child, Clarissa once again found a purpose for living, a reason to reach for something more. Her change came in the form of property investing and training with some of the world’s most Influential Entrepreneurs which honed her to become a property developer, investor and life mentor.  She has helped many women and men get into the property market, achieving success in business to learning to love themselves again through her programs.

Her passion is property and personal development, and she owns a number of investment properties PIP Group and a tourism rural retreat.
Clarissa's story has inspired both women and men to invest in property as a lifestyle change to bring in passive income and make simple personal changes that alter their life’s course.

Today, she is known for her personal drive as a property expert and life mentor and her willingness to pass on her secrets to help others rapidly experience business success, create fulfilling personal relationships, and live a life of genuine, sustainable freedom.

Clarissa Leary


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