creating freedom through property

We source the right property or investment on your behalf throughout Australia

We Educate and Create an exclusive network and team of property entrepreneurs for lifestyle independence and security for our families, while helping people into homes.


Partners in Property Investors, Project Management, and Buyers Agent Australia offers you complete solutions to the whole property investing and purchasing process. Eliminating all the stress and frustrations, from our initial meeting with you, through to the very end, we want you to enjoy the property experience as we do.

I want you to Find me a Property

It’s time for me to source a property and I need your help.

Here at PIP Group Buyers Agent we have a unique program that can source various properties throughout Australia.

I have a property and need your help

I own a property and want to develop it, but need help or money

I want you to look for someone to develop my property. I don't have enough money and expertise for the development.

I want to purchase property for development or investing

I want to purchase Property for Development or Investing

I want you to source property for me for development or investing . I don’t have the time to look for deals, so I want you to find them for me.

I'm a money partner

I have money but don’t have the time or the idea on how to invest in property.

I want an expert to do it for me.

I want to access your Business Partners or Referrals

I want need some additional services and I want to access property in other area’s around Australia.

We have experts all around Australia that can help you with any property deal.

I want to access your learning hub and mentoring

I want to learn about property, business or need personal development help for investing in property.

I know what to do, but I need some extra help. 


  • Time Poor
  • Frustrated with dealing with Real Estate agents
  • Sick of missing out of property
  • Over the entire property hunting process
  • Just don’t get it or are a first-time Home Buyer
  • Concerned you’re not getting access to all available properties, especially for investing
  • Don’t like negotiating
  • Confused or procrastinating

Then Partners in Property Group may be
The ANSWER to sourcing or working with you on your next PROPERTY and will save you:

TIME, MONEY and a Whole lot of STRESS

What you Get

We’re not just the normal Property Investing Group or Buyers Agent

  • We have access to one of the most powerful property sourcing programs in Australia to get YOU the best property deal ever
  • We have access to some of the best property experts around Australia to bounce any challenges or deals for YOU
  • We update our learning and experience every single day to get YOU the best results
  • We live and breathe property to ensure YOU get the best outcome for your specific needs
  • We have sourced the best financial experts for YOU who think outside the box

Property is our life.

We’ve studied it. We’ve learned the secrets to success... and we’re happy to share.


Both have experience in using various property strategies in investing from options, flips, holds, subdivision, strata, dual keys, NDIS and rooming. So they both have an extensive understanding of the property market. Clarissa specializes in research and sourcing properties.

Because of their extensive knowledge, they have your best interest at heart, as if they were purchasing or developing property for themselves.

It doesn't matter where you want to buy?

We have a number of buyer agent specialists available throughout Australia to ensure you get the specialist care you deserve. Therefore, you know you are in the best of hands, whether you work with Bruce or another one of our agents.

Bruce Sloan

Bruce Sloan

Has been in the building industry for well over 20 years as a Builder in Residential and Commercial as well as a Real Estate Agent. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Tasmania and other area’s around Australia. Bruce is experienced at negotiations and inspections.

Clarissa Leary

Clarissa Leary

Has been in the building industry for over 17 years and her experience extends to Project Management, Property investing and rentals, Subdivisions, Renovating, Building, Selling and Education. She has extensive knowledge and experience in personal development.